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Green and Brown - Original Painting

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"Green and Brown" is 12.5 x 13.5 inches, acrylic on masonite board, glued into the frame.

Here in Northwest Arkansas there are plenty of Sycamore trees. When Fall comes there are millions of Sycamore leaves blowing around. On my bike rides I will occasionally find piles of Sycamore leaves about a foot deep. I take photos of them before they fall and photos of the actual piles of leaves once they hit the ground. I like them when they still have their colors and I like them when the color is almost gone.

Walking through the woods, I noticed a spot where the leaves were almost colorless except for two leaves, one green and one brown. I felt that could make an interesting composition so I took a photo, did the drawing, and then started thinking about the panel and what frame to use for the painting.

I happened to have an older art deco frame with a masonite panel glued into it. And it just so happened to fit the proportions of the Sycamore leaves drawing. So I painted the leaves and then decided to paint the frame too by making it somewhat “see through” at the edges. The frame becomes a part of the painting…another version of “Trompe L’oeil”.

NOTE: This frame is intentionally “stressed” or “antiqued”. It is NOT a brand new frame with perfect corners and if you purchase it, you will NOT easily get the painting out of the frame; it is glued in…intentionally. The frame is solid and sturdy with eye screws and wire attached to the back, making it ready to hang. I even emphasized the elderly nature of the frame by painting cracks especially at the corners.

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