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New Exhibition! Arkansas: From the Tops to the Bottoms

Contemporary painter Daniel Coston’s ARKANSAS: FROM THE TOPS TO THE BOTTOMS opens May 12th at Cantrell Gallery in Little Rock, Arkansas, and continues through July 1, 2017.  The opening night reception for the exhibition will be on Friday, May 12, 6-8:00. Please join us! It will be a great opportunity to visit with the artist while viewing his works. If you can’t make it that evening, the show will continue through July 1.

Cantrell Gallery is located at 8208 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, AR. Gallery hours are Monday ”“ Saturday, 10-5:00.  Call (501) 224-1335 for questions or directions.

See the full exhibit here! 

“Symphony in Yellow #”, 15 x 30 inches


“Barn & Associates”, 18 x 24 inches


“Victorian Lite”, 12 x 24 inches


“Pot O’Gold”, 21 x 21 inches

“Back Forty Hot Rod”, 16 x 20 inches


Artist Statement, Arkansas: From the Tops to the Bottoms

“Every year as I work on a new collection of paintings, I try to visually depict my home state – a personal and visual “state of the state”, if you will. In years past, I’ve seen the paintings as representing a horizontal trip around Arkansas, as I search for striking scenes.

I’ve been making the trip from the hilltops of Northwest Arkansas to the Delta flatlands and back again for nearly three decades and the landscape continues to inspire me. Recently I have grown more aware of the contrast of the scenes in the “mountains” compared to the views you have in the lowlands. That awareness found its way into these new works, a recognition of contrasting elevations and the unique views they offer.

The term “bottoms” is something I have heard all my life. Beginning in childhood, with an understanding that my grandparents lived on a hill compared to the creek bottom down beyond their house. To this day, I am drawn to various creek and river bottoms as we hike and travel. As a teenager I attended summer church camp in the hills around Searcy and loved being around the trickling brooks and big boulders, something I never saw as a kid in SEARK. Currently living in Fayetteville, I am minutes away from bluffs and hilltops as we enjoy visiting Devil’s Den, Petit Jean, and Mt. Nebo parks.

To me this show represents a blending, of intimate portraits and close-ups from “the tops to the bottoms” with my more traditional rural landscape work. It’s a perspective that I hope will continue to inspire and inform my future work.” ”“Daniel Coston

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  1. Danny, I knew you at Harding when you taught at the Academy as I did. I bought two of your pictures at that time. Now I’m having to downsize and move to a one bedroom apartment. I have a picture of a bird dog and of a man standing, looking at a scene.. I just need to know what I should charge for these. Can you help me?

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