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Northwest Arkansas Gallery

We moved to North West Arkansas in 1987 and within a year or two we had found Devil’s Den State Park.  It was where we went for peace and quiet and hiking.  The combination of rocks, trees and water was just what I needed for landscapes.  I could be found sketching and painting all times of the year’well, except for bad weather.  I took lots of photos and before long had done several paintings of specific places here and there along Lee Creek.  Generic scenery does not appeal to me; I want to recreate specific places that catch my eye.  These are portraits of trees, rocks and crevasses scattered all over the Den.  I have my favorite trees and waterfalls.  There’s a trio of sweet gum trees I always refer to as “the Sweet Gum Sisters” and one especially ancient Eastern Red Cedar perched on the edge of a bluff is “God’s Tree”.   It will be impossible to ever run out of subjects in Devil’s Den.  Please note that these are not paintings of rocks and trees that remind me of people I’ve known.  These are indeed portraits of what seem to me to be special rocks and trees.

The following works are for sale either directly from the artist.  Send us an email to inquire about purchasing one of these paintings!