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Up Close and In Depth Exhibition

Artist Statement: For decades I have been painting scenes from around Arkansas. With this show, I continue to explore scenes from my home state but with a few small changes in perspective. In some of these paintings I take a closer look, revealing the fascinating details of the bits and pieces of the landscape. I don’t use a microscope but I’ve even begun to examine water in the creeks around me, the bark on trees, even the patterns in a dove’s feathers. I haven’t gone completely abstract with these paintings but I am way more interested in color than I have been before. We live in a beautiful place and it’s worth looking as closely as possible. These paintings are a result of me being in a “state” of observation that is new and fresh for me. ~Daniel Coston

“Green Flames (Iris)”
“England Gin”
“Floating into Fall”
“Yellow House”
“Twig Dam”
“Hoodoos in the fog on Petit Jean”
“Slow Dripping”
“The White House”
“The Girl in the Creek”
“Fishing Hole”
“The Fallen”
“The Old Lady”
“Red and Green”
“Locked up in Chains”
“Like a Lamp unto my Feet”
“Change in the Weather”
“Big Bad Snag”
“Rocks (Watercolor)”
“Pig Judging”
“Penelope Testing the Sunlight”
“Down to a Trickle”
“Blazing Color”
“Sycamore Reflections”