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Contemporary painter Daniel Coston’s Tying It All Together opens September 6th at Cantrell Gallery in Little Rock, Arkansas, and continues through October 26th, 2019.  The opening night reception for the exhibition will be on Friday, Sept 6th, 6-8:00. Please join us! It will be a great opportunity to visit with the artist while viewing his works. If you can’t make it that evening, the show will continue through Oct 26th.

Cantrell Gallery is located at 8208 Cantrell Road, Little Rock, AR. Gallery hours are Monday – Saturday, 10-5:00.  Call (501) 224-1335 for questions or directions.

Daniel Coston's painting of Old Troy Church in southeast Arkansas. Copyright 2019
Old Troy, 22 x 32 inches, acrylic on masonite, 2019
Daniel Coston's painting of autumn Sycamore tree leaves along the edges of Lee Creek at Devil's Den State Park.
Sycamore Leaves on Lee Creek, 11 x 16 inches, acrylic on masonite, 2019
Daniel Coston's painting of an old cotton gin in Watson, Arkansas. Copyright 2019
Watson Gin, 11 x 14 inches, acrylic on masonite, 2019
Daniel Coston's painting of an old, gnarly Mulberry tree standing on his grandparents farm. Copyright 2019
Survivor, 16 x 20 inches, acrylic on masonite, 2019
"Sherrill Methodist Church" painting of a rural country church in Sherrill Arkansas. Painting is by artist Daniel Coston, copyright 2019
Sherrill Methodist Church, 11 x 14 inches, acrylic on masonite, 2019


For the past three decades, I’ve been building a portfolio that depicts a visual snapshot of the Arkansas I know and remember. Beginning with scenes from southeastern Arkansas for the most part, I have gradually extended my search to other areas for inspiration. These paintings come from our family travels and of course, places around Fayetteville where we live. 

Subject matter varies widely. There are paintings rooted in memory. And other pieces closely examine in detail the natural landscape as it is now. I enjoy showing what we have done to our state and also illustrating the places where we have left it alone. I try to give the viewer a feeling of the current landscape and how that relates to the past.   

I never suggest that we need to return to the “old days” and I think remembering is compatible with the contemporary. Both perspectives exist in this collection that seeks to tie it all together.

Daniel Coston, July 17, 2019

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